The convergence of recent scientific and technological activities provides unique opportunities and an infrastructure for both theoretical and applied sciences. However, specific environments for constructing knowledge are needed. In such environments, knowledge media should bring together the technology and learning theories to form meaningful settings for learners with different academic, administrative and support needs. Tojsat aims to provide an environment for researchers to discuss the current state of the science and technology in industry, university and companies.

The contents of TOJSAT are related to science and technology. TOJSAT is an on-line international electronic journal, publishes articles four times a year (January, April, July, and October). Articles may be contributed at any time for publication consideration. Potential articles are reviewed by members of an editorial review committee.

The reviewing process usually takes from three to eight weeks; author revision and the editorial/production cycle may take up to four months. Papers should be submitted to editorial Board of TOJSAT (tojsateditor@gmail.com) as a word-processed file.

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